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                             The many (said) adjectives of Jessica Jung Sooyeon.

                        Thank God for letting one of His angel down on this earth.
                                     Thank God for lending us
제시카  정수연.
                                               Thank you for your existence.

                                                        Since 1989 April 18th.

                                                      I We love you, princess.

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“My parents are sure that my sister will be a successful woman someday. I believe it too.” – Krystal Jung happy26thsicabday!

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Happy birthday Sica~ 
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"The ice has melted." — Happy Birthday, Ice Princess Jessica Jung!

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may you be continued to be filled with happiness and silliness for the next year and beyond~♡
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Playing “One, Two, Three, Run!” with JerkYeon Taeyeon

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"While beautiful looks are important, I think beauty that comes from the inside is also very important."- Jessica. Happy birthday princess!

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